Ty Howard, Mr. You Were Born to Be GRRRREAT!


  In-Service Development Programs, Success Habits Development, Motivation, Passion, Change Management, Leadership, Time Management, Team Building, Generational Differences, Diversity, Anti Bullying, Cyberbullying, Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention, Community, Stress Management, Inspiration, Excellence

Keynote Programs:

  • Re-Igniting & Re-Capturing Your PASSION

  • The Revolutionary School Principal  - (or Teacher, Counselor, Administrator)

  • You Have to FOCUS and S-T-R-E-T-C-H for Continuous Success

  • Tying Into A Better YOUTM

  • Working with Children and Families in Poverty

  • You Have to FOCUS and S-T-R-E-T-C-H for Continuous Success
  • Effective Time Management: The Art of Getting Things Done

  • NO Bullying Allowed! Save a Life. Save a Student. Save a Dream.

  • How to Better Connect With and Relate to Today's Student

  • Excelling in Teamwork
    (or Leadership)

  • Making the Embracing & Celebration of Diversity in School, Cool

  • Building an Attitude of Excellence

  • Untie the Knots®: Improving Habits, Choices, People, Relationships, Performance, and Results

  • Untie the Knots®: Riding the Waves of C.H.A.N.G.E.

  • Untie the Knots®: Improving Effective Communication and Relationships Inside the Workplace

  • Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work Harmoniously with Any Personality

  • Diversity: Why Is Talking About Race So Hard?

  • How to Engage, Create, and Keep a Positive Image and Relationship with the Community

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    Other Topic Areas Ty Howard has been booked to speak on, include:

    Life Success, Student Athletes, Hygiene, Generational Differences, Sexting, Resilience, Fatherhood, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Racism, Harassment, Women's Empowerment, Men's Empowerment, Vision, Purpose, Goals, Stress Management, Balancing Life, Public Speaking Skills, Presentation Skills




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    Ty Howard

     Passionate, Enthusiastic, Caring, and
     Inspiring Educators are the World's BEST
     Teachers, Administrators, and Counselors!

    Why Book Ty Howard?

    • After hearing Ty Howard, audiences leave echoing the practical concepts and strategies they've just learned. His techniques for modeling passion, success habits, active teaching, leadership, and resilience emphasize how each of us can truly make a difference.

    • Known as Mr. Untie the Knots®, Ty is a dynamic and entertaining speaker who seamlessly engages an audience with his substantive messages on attitude, passion, active teaching, enthusiasm, teamwork, innovation, school spirit and safety, community, work-life balance, time management, and working with students and families in poverty.

    • He is influential in increasing awareness in students, educators, staff, and parents about respect, motivating today's students and teachers, choices, success, poverty, diversity, bullying, suicide prevention, dating violence, and healthy relationships; and shares sound strategies and resources which they can implement immediately.

    • With over 25 years of consulting experience and 19 years as a business owner, his personal mission has been to inspire and empower young people, educators, counselors, families, education systems, and communities to boldly identify and Untie the Knots® that delay them from the success habits and desired outcomes they truly want.

    Ty's Biography

    Ty Howard, a.k.a. Mr. Untie the Knots, is an internationally respected habits consultant, keynote and motivational speaker, healthy relationship building expert, teacher, personal and professional development authority, empowerment coach, and best-selling author who has dedicated his life to teaching knots-free living, success habits, and techniques for achieving greatness to students, educators, schools, school districts, parents, and everyday people. His business acumen and easy-to-follow-and-apply strategies have propelled schools and school districts to frequently seek his dynamic programs, counsel, and advice. His admirable communication skills have helped him become one of America's most popular and trending education keynote speakers on the circuit today. Ty Howard will be the perfect fit and energizer for your teachers, administrators, counselors, staff, or education association!

    In February 2012, Ty Howard and Knots Free Media launched the online magazine, MOTIVATION. "MOTIVATION is designed specifically to serve the Green & Growing person, professional, business, entrepreneur, teacher, coach, mentor, student, and family. MOTIVATIONmagazine.com is not only motivational but also instructional in taking a balanced approach to motivation by offering substantive guidance and quality insights into improving one's entire life. Delivering on — What Green & Growing People Read!" says Howard, Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of MOTIVATION magazine.

    Today, Ty Howard is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of InspiraGen Institute LLC, a successful, diverse personal and professional development firm based in Baltimore County, Maryland. InspiraGen Institute is a conglomerate of six internationally recognized businesses: MOTIVATIONmagazine.com, TyHoward.com, Ty Howard Seminars, Knots Free Publishing, Knots Free Media, and The Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau. They share Ty's vision, discipline, and passion to inspire, lift, and provide tools for change and growth for individuals, professionals, students, organizations, and families throughout the world.

    Ty Howard is the author of the national best-selling book Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life: A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships. His forthcoming book You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!TM: The 8 Essentials of True GREATNESS, An Empowerment & Character Enrichment Guide for Teens will be published and released on September 28, 2018).

    Ty Howard and InspiraGen Institute, LLC provides 5 scholarships to deserving young college bound students from around the United States each year. Since the inception of the Ty Howard College Scholarship Program, InspiraGen Institute LLC has granted more than 25 scholarships, worth over 60 thousand dollars. Ty Howard is considered a positive person, humanitarian, successful entrepreneur, and influential and inspiring leader by many who have the opportunity to meet him.

    Ty Howard is eager and looking forward to working with you and your wonderful school, school district or school board education group.


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